Storytelling method “My story – my power” is extremely efficient in preserving important authentic stories. On top of that, it also has a therapeutic effect for storytellers, especially for ATO/JFC veterans, IDPs, their families and people who suffered from the war in the East of Ukraine.

We will preserve the “oral stories archive”, the authentic history in the memory of its witnesses, the history that is necessary for reconciliation and recreation of mutual understanding in the communities.

By donating to the special fund of “Storytelling and oral history” you are making an effective contribution to support the people who have experienced the war, the loss of dear ones, suffering and grief, and who need “a relief from the burden of memories”

Making a donation today - could save the story, could save lives!

Purpose of payment: Charitable donation to Storytelling Ukrainian

or send a request to and get details for donations (invoice)

Making a
- could save story, could save lives!

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