Activity and Impact Map of the NGO 'Community Self-Help'

Public organization "Community Self-Help" is a reliable partner for Defenders of Ukraine, veterans, their families, and local communities. We provide medical support to hospitals and Defenders of Ukraine; advocate for the medical and psychosocial components of the "Veteran Journey Card"; implement scientifically grounded, internationally recognized methods of psychological assistance in Ukraine; provide psychosocial support using Olga Onyshko's (USA, Washington) "Storytelling: My Story - My Strength" method and Alina Doboshevska's (Good Will Foundation, Krakow) "Oral History" method.

We work on the principles of integrity and responsibility, directing our efforts towards enhancing self-reliance and resilience within Ukrainian communities. We have created and effectively implemented psychosocial services and projects:


πŸ“’ "Women in Times of Occupation" (how to preserve life and health)

πŸ“’ "If your loved ones are in the combat zone"

Helping to understand how to act to increase personal safety and reduce daily anxiety.

Manual "Breath Strength: Somatic Means of Psychological Recovery" - a desktop and practical book for those who want to help themselves and their loved ones.

"Vitality/Psychologist's Package" application for client assessment, created in cooperation with UNDP and UNICEF.

Contribution to victory during the full-scale war:

  • Implemented 28 projects, including recent ones: Christmas book for children of Defenders of Ukraine, fallen defenders, veterans; Vitamins for Unbreakable Mothers - brave women who give birth/raise children during wartime; collaboration with the WHO Health Cluster; supervision support for psychologists.

  • Raised nearly 4 million UAH.

  • Supported over 32,000 patients of frontline hospitals and Defenders of Ukraine.

  • Sent 90 tactical medicine kits.

  • Over 5 tons of medical and pharmaceutical supplies.

  • Almost 5 tons of firefighting equipment.

  • Newsletter distribution to 100 regular subscribers, friends of Ukraine, international partners, media, journalists.

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