Report and goals of the NGO Community Self-Help. Anonse of press conference

February «16» 2023 15:30 a press conference will be held on the topic:

Responding to War Against Ukraine. 10 months of accomplishments, crisis intervention, and building a network of international trust and support: Report and goals of the NGO Community Self-Help.

Organizer: NGO Community of Self-Help


- Vitalii Kharechko - chairman of NGO Community Self-Help, the moderator;

- Marta Pyvovarenko - Quality Assurance Expert for MHPSS services NGO Community Self-Help, mental health specialist, a - national trainer and a supervisor mhGAP-HIG by WHO;

- Michael Radigan - Ph.D., head of the communication department of NGO Community Self-Help;

- Lorraine Mishchuk, O.T. Reg. (MB), general director and manager of the medical center “Maximize human capabilities” (Manitoba, Canada), representative of Community Self-Help in Canada,

- Katja Kolcio - Ph.D., Professor at Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA) in the Departments of Dance, Environmental Study, and the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, representative of Community Self-Help in the US.

Topics for discussion:

- The work of the NGO "Community Self-Help" in Ukraine: assistance to hospitals, defenders, and IDPs.

- Effectiveness of projects of the NGO "Community Self-Help".

- Priority initiatives for 2023.

- The role of non-government organizations in providing assistance to hospitals and paramedics.

- Challenges faced by public organizations. Solutions that helped to implement more than 20 projects.

For reference. NGO "Community Self-Help" was officially registered on January 31, 2022, to support Ukrainian hospitals, defenders, and first responders. We were founded in 2015 as a similar project supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Today, the NGO "Community Self-Help" defends, protects, and responds to the needs of Ukraine by:

1) Providing medical and humanitarian support for hospitals and Defenders of Ukraine;

2) Fighting the Information War against russian disinformation through newsletters, oral histories, and storytelling videography– from those most affected by the War;

3) Strengthening civilian and veterans' psycho-social support services, giving psychologists and cohorts the necessary training, tools, and access to the "Vitality" application.

The NGO Community Self-Help remains committed to these initiatives not only in Ukrainian victory and freedom but throughout the recovery and rebuilding process of Ukraine.

The format of the event is offline (Hall 1) + online inclusion.

Journalists will be able to ask questions offline (Hall 1).

Journalists are requested to arrive half an hour before the event.

Accreditation of media representatives:

The event will be broadcast on the Ukrinform website and YouTube channel:

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